Jesse proposes to Allie on the mountaintop

Tofino Helicopter Proposal

The Plan

Back in the fall, I had the honour of photographing a thrilling Tofino helicopter proposal. Jesse reached out to me in advance of a trip to Vancouver Island he had planned with his girlfriend, Allie. He wanted to book a helicopter tour and propose on a mountaintop! I adore Tofino AND adventurous proposals, so I was in. 

It’s always a fun challenge creating a plan to make sure the proposal, and photos, go off without a hitch. I need to be in the right place at the right time, all while acting like I am in no way involved. For this proposal, Atleo Air agreed to pretend I was on the helicopter tour to take some website photos and get social media content. Why else would I have brought a bag full of camera gear? 

Our pilot was a great actor and played along perfectly. Thankfully it was a short ride to the mountaintop so I wouldn’t have to play pretend for too long. As part of the plan, I had suggested to Jesse that he take some selfies with Allie. They snapped a few pics with the view of Tofino in the background. That was my signal that he was ready to pop the question. 

The Proposal

I approached them, trying to play it cool. I asked if they wanted me to take a few photos for them. They gladly offered me the phone so I could snap some shots from further back. Then, it was time. “Do you mind if I also take a few on my camera for our website?” I asked. (Thankfully they had already told us at the beginning of the flight that they had no issues being in our “marketing” photos.) This was the cue for Jesse to get down on one knee. Of course, Allie said YES!

Exploring Tofino from Above

We spent some time exploring the mountaintop, and then hopped back in the helicopter for a tour above the rainforest and beaches. We stopped for a visit on a small Island near Tofino to get a few beach photos, and to watch the sea otters play in the surf. 

It was a truly epic experience, with the most incredible views of Tofino and the surrounding landscapes. If you’re looking for an adventurous, once in a lifetime Tofino helicopter proposal experience, I highly recommend checking out Atleo Air. They have different tour options available based on your budget and the landscapes you are most interested in. Not to mention, tours are private so it’s only the pilot and your party… that is, unless you decide to bring along a sneaky “marketing coordinator” to capture the moment! 

If keeping your feet on the ground is more your style, check out this Tofino Sunset Proposal for more inspiration.

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