I’m Chelsea! Here’s a quick rundown on me:

I love animals, especially dogs, horses, and whales. My partner in crime is my Boston Terrier named Brew (you can read more about him below!). I was born and raised in Kincardine, Ontario, and in April 2018 I quit my day job and made the big move to Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Although I primarily moved to be closer to my husband, Jordan, the mountains and beaches of Vancouver Island definitely sweetened the deal. After moving around Ontario and even to England for a year I’ve learned that I can feel at home anywhere, as long as it’s near the water – whether it’s one of the Great Lakes or an ocean. 

I love:

  • camping all over Vancouver Island (but especially around the North Island)
  • reading (anything and everything)
  • attempting to surf
  • dog sports (scent detection, agility, and disc are our favourites right now)
  • all things home decor

Meet Brew

Brew is my 3-year-old Boston Terrier, and a born-and-raised Vancouver Island boy. Although he doesn’t come to sessions with me, he can usually be found sleeping at my feet while I edit your photos. His greatest goal in life is to be cozy at all times (this can be difficult on the rainy West Coast but thankfully he has an adorable rain coat). You can find him on Instagram @bostonbrew.

If you can’t tell already, I’m a major dog lover. So, you don’t even have to ask if you can bring your dog(s) along to your session; the answer is always yes!

Let's Do This!

I’m currently taking bookings on Vancouver Island (and beyond… yes, I LOVE to travel! hint hint..). Send me a message to inquire about booking. (Or if you just want to talk about dogs; you can message me about that too.)