bride and groom in a canoe

Strathcona Park Lodge Wedding

An intimate wedding on the lake at Strathcona Park Lodge

Jason and Carmen’s Strathcona Park Lodge wedding day has been a long time coming. Not only because these two have been together for over a decade, but also because they had to reschedule their first wedding date due to COVID. Despite the date change, they still had to change their plans around, going from a big wedding to an intimate one with only a few family members present. As a result, it made for a super emotional and beautiful day with their closest people. It was an honour to witness it.

Strathcona Park Lodge has incredible views of Upper Campbell Lake, with mountains in the distance. I’ve shot here once before and ever since that first wedding in 2018, I’ve come back to the lake many times on camping trips. So, it was an easy heck yes! from me when Carmen and Jason inquired about having me come out to the Lodge for their wedding day.

I do... in a canoe!

The bride and groom even hopped in a canoe after the ceremony. This canoe has special meaning to the couple; it belonged to Jason’s late father. I loved that this heirloom got to play a part in their wedding day! To get the best angle, I had to bust out my drone. I was very impressed by C + J’s ability to get in and out of the canoe, in their full wedding attire. I’m definitely not that graceful! 

Thank you to Jason and Carmen for entrusting me with capturing this incredible day, in such an incredible place.

Strathcona Park Lodge is such a special place and I’m always down to travel there (or the surrounding area – it’s all gorgeous) for weddings and elopements. Send me a message below to get started!

Check out more about Jason and Carmen’s venue here!

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