Champagne Pop Photos: my 5 biggest tips for clients

Get the most out of your champagne pop photos!

bride and groom take a champagne pop photo
Want to incorporate champagne pop photos in your session or wedding day?

Champagne pop photos are one of the most common requests I get during engagement sessions, elopements, and weddings. These photos are so much fun to shoot. I love that you can feel the joy and celebratory mood just from looking at them! But, they can be tough to get right. It’s taken me some trial and error over the years to figure out the best way to approach these photos. Here are five of my top tips for clients who want to include champagne pop photos in their wedding or engagement gallery!

Tip #1: don't get the expensive stuff

This is not the time to use that fancy bottle of 30 year old champagne you received as an engagement gift. The majority of the bottle is going to spray out on the ground (and on you, and your photographer). I recommend going for the cheapest bubbly you can find. Any type of sparkling wine will work. Choose a bottle with a cork rather than a twist top.

While you’re at it, pick up a few bottles for your champagne pop! It never hurts to have backup if the first try doesn’t work. If you want to take a champagne pop photo with your wedding party or with a large group, a few bottles of bubbly all at once is particularly fun.

Tip #2: take the cork off first, then shake it

Forget everything you think you know about champagne pops! Popping the cork won’t get much spray on its own and it lasts one second. I always recommend popping the cork before you shake the bottle.

Immediately after you’ve popped the cork, cover the mouth of the bottle with your thumb. With the top of the bottle covered, give it a really good shake. 

Next, you can start to move your thumb a little bit – think of it as if you were spraying someone with a garden hose! Keep shaking until the spray stops.

I’ll make sure to pose you before we start the champagne pop, but generally I recommend one person holds the bottle and the other person snuggles in beside them. 

Tip #3: spray me!

Aim to spray just above my shoulder. It’s counterintuitive, because you may be worried about spraying my camera. Don’t be! This way, we can get the most drama with bubbles flying everywhere. I want to be absolutely soaked by the time we’re done with this shot!

Tip #4: wait until the end of your session

On that note, for my sake and yours, it’s best to save the champagne pop for the end of your engagement session. If we’re doing a champagne pop on your wedding day, save it for sunset photos at the end of the day. You will likely get a little sticky, and I definitely will!

Tip #5: leave no trace

Leave No Trace is a central part of how I operate my business and how I approach life on Vancouver Island in general. Try to keep an eye out for wherever the cork lands so we can bring it with us, along with any foil from the top of the bottle. 

champagne pop photo with bride and groom
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