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Horse Farm Engagement Session

Kaitie and Dylan’s Engagement Session on the Farm

When Kaitie asked me to come to her barn where she boards her horses for a farm engagement session, it was an easy HECK YES for me! I’m a horse girl myself, and actually got my start taking equine photos. These days, I work with people more than horses in my career, but I will jump at any opportunity to go back to my photography roots.

Although they can be like 1200lb toddlers, horses have a way of bringing so much emotion and beauty to a photograph. I love trying to bring out their unique personalities in photos. Not to mention, in my experience, animals and pets tend to make people feel so much more relaxed about getting their photo taken. 

Mabel’s turn!

After some time with the horses, Kaitie and Dylan brought out their sweet pup, Mabel. She was lavished with snuggles and pets by her parents for a good half hour. She was definitely loving every minute of the attention. I get asked often if I allow dogs in engagement or family sessions, and the answer is always absolutely! I love meeting your dogs and, like horses, capturing their personalities is so much fun for me. 

Special Locations = Special Photos

Although I am always happy to provide location recommendations, if there is a spot that is important to you, I want to hear about it. Being in a place that’s special to you will add an extra element to your gallery. Not to mention, it will help you feel at ease right from the start of the session. Whether it’s a farm engagement session like this one, or the brewery where you met, or at the first home you bought together, a significant location can make a big difference!

If you’d like to set up a session with your pets/animals, I’m so in! Whether it’s horses, dogs, cows, sheep, cats, hedgehogs… message me below for more info. Check out this Tofino engagement session for another cute puppy!

It's your turn!

Thanks for checking out this blog post! If you're interested in booking me for your wedding, elopement, or a session, send me a message here. I will most likely do a happy dance when I receive your inquiry!

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